Angad Hal Gauva Orchard Mechanisation Solutions

Gauva Orchard Mechanisation solutions from SAS Motors Limited

Guava is a common tropical fruit cultivated in India. It is commonly called poor man’s fruit and almost 45% of the worldwide gauva production takes place in India.

In India guava occupies an area of 2.03 lac hectares with annual production of 22.7 lacs MT. Allahabad area in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is reputed for the production of high quality of guava in India and the world. In the Indian northern state of Punjab it occupies an area of 8022 hectares with annual production of 160463 MT.

Guava is considered to be hardy fruit crop. It is not very choosy for soil. It can grow well in slightly alkaline and poor soils. For good growth of trees well drained sandy loams to clay loams with 6.5 to 8.5 pH are best suited.

We have developed and constantly innovating upon a wide range of mechanisation solutions for Gauva farming and orchards and have developed a range of Angad Diesel Hal/Angad Power Hals with Petrol and Diesel engines in 6-8 horsepower (HP) range both in the centre and rear rotary for this purpose.

Gauva orchard owner farmers can get in touch with us to get a customised solution for their orchards.

Field Operations

Brief Description

Suitable Angad Hal attachment available for field operation

Field Preparation

Tillage and Levelling

Angad Rotavator & Reversible Mould Board Plough and Leveller


As the Plants Demand It, When Available, Additional Water Is Delivered to The Fields.

Angad Water Pump


To Remove Unwanted Weeds

Angad Rotavator & Cultivator


To Spray Various Micro/Macro Nutrients, Pesticides, Insecticides or Weedicides.

Angad Spray Pump







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Angad Diesel Hal/Angad Petrol Hal/Angad Power Hal

Self-propelled agriculture farm mechanisation solutions consists of a box section chassis, 6- 8 HP (horsepower) Petrol/Diesel engine, transmission system, drive wheels, tool mounting bar of 70 x 70 mm size.

The engine, gearbox and tool mounting bar are fixed to main chassis. The engine is mounted on front side of the chassis on proper foundation. The gearbox with transmission system is mounted in the middle of chassis. Two steel lugged drive wheels of 500 mm diameter and 110 mm width are mounted on both ends of hexagonal shaft connected to transmission box.

The wheel tread (spacing between two wheels) can be adjusted from 400 to 650 mm to suit the row-to-row spacing of different crops.