Angad Hal Peppermint Crop Mechanisation Solutions

SAS Motors Limited has a wide range of mechanisation solutions for each and every type of sugarcane cultivation practices in prevalence in India

Keeping in mind the varying methods of sowing and row to row spacing of sugarcane planting adopted by farmers of different regions, states, districts and tehsil/taluks in India. We have a developed a range of Sugarcane specific models of Angad Diesel Hal/Angad Power Hals with Petrol and Diesel engines in 6-8 horsepower (HP) range.

Additionally, we have these machines in both centre rotary and rear rotary models which can easily operate in sugarcane plant to plant row spacing of as low as 18 inches (46 centimetres). Sugarcane farmers can get in touch with us to get a customised solution for their sugarcane farming practices.







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Angad Diesel Hal/Angad Petrol Hal/Angad Power Hal

Self-propelled agriculture farm mechanisation solutions consists of a box section chassis, 6- 8 HP (horsepower) Petrol/Diesel engine, transmission system, drive wheels, tool mounting bar of 70 x 70 mm size.

The engine, gearbox and tool mounting bar are fixed to main chassis. The engine is mounted on front side of the chassis on proper foundation. The gearbox with transmission system is mounted in the middle of chassis. Two steel lugged drive wheels of 500 mm diameter and 110 mm width are mounted on both ends of hexagonal shaft connected to transmission box.

The wheel tread (spacing between two wheels) can be adjusted from 400 to 650 mm to suit the row-to-row spacing of different crops. The V-shaped weeding sweeps of 150 and 200 mm size are fitted on tynes. These tynes are mounted on the tool bar with clamps. The tynes are raised or lowered for adjusting the depth of operation and locked in position by the clamp. The spacing between sweeps is easily adjusted by sliding the tynes on tool mounting bar to suit the crop row spacing. Power from engine is transmitted to gearbox through V –belt and pulleys. Inside the transmission box power is transmitted through chain and sprockets to two hexagonal drive shafts/ axles. A lever operated clutch idler pulley is used for tightening loosening of V -belt, transmitting the power from engine to transmission box. For operation, the tynes are adjusted to the raised position so they do not dig into the ground and the machine is transported
to the field. The tynes are adjusted according to the row spacing of the crop and depth of operation.